AHS Class of 1971

Arlington High School, Arlington, Texas, Class of 1971.

40th Reunion Recap 

 Our Friday Night Meet & Greet at J.Gilligan's was a complete success. It was casual and everyone had a lot of fun. We had a little over 165 in attendance. Many classmates that couldn't make the Saturday Night Banquet were able to make the Meet & Greet. It was nice to see old friends and classmates, and make new friends with classmates that we did not know during high school.

The 70's dress contest was also a marvelous success. Robin McGlew McBride and Bill Kendrick hosted the event.  

First Place: Cindy Roberson Crook tied with Kathy Blackman for first place. Cindy was wearing her Drill Team Uniform, and Kathy was wearing her Graduation Cap & Gown.

Runners Up: Gwen BushartScott wore on her bum, her 1971 Colt stadium seat cushion. Nick Walker wore his AHS Band letter jacket. Mike Buesing wore his Six Flags Employee Name Tag.

Unfortunately, the contest was concluded prior to the arrival of our classmates that stayed for the entire football game, so we did not see or get to vote on, Susie Dodgen or Debbie McBride in their Featured Twirlers outfits. RATS!!! We would have loved to have seen those two twirl!! Sorry Susie and Debbie. You were victims of the evening.


The Saturday Night Banquet was also a complete success. We had 189 attendees with approximately 19 no shows. We received several compliments from several different classmates, stating that The Plaza on the Hill was a perfect location for our reunion. The room was nicely decorated. Balloons by Pinky's, and the AHS banners by the AHS Cheerleaders, care of Gera Banks Winchester. The buffet dinner went smoothly. The food, drink, and service, were excellent.

The Party Crashers exceeded our expectations. They were superb, playing the songs that we grew up with during our high school years. We had a nice adventure during the middle of our Banquet to have a Class picture made around the pool and hot tub. Tammy Ferguson with Tammy Ferguson's Photography did an excellent job of documenting our evening in photographs. Please visit her web site and purchase her photographs.


To wrap up the evening we had several "Contests".

Least Changed: was awarded to: Male - Bob Tallon; Female - Susie Greer Kania.

Honorable Mentions for Least Changed: Male - Bill Kendrick, David Renn, and Stephan Gorman. Female - Linda Cochran Beall, Leslie Whitley Friedman, Janie Jarboe, and Alison Bean Chandler.

Classmate that Travelled the farthest: Steve Cordes came from New York to attend the reunion.

Classmate with the Most Grandchildren: Ron Trammell won this with 10 grandkids to his credit.

Classmate with the most unusual Career: Weldon Middlebrooks and his birds.

We had a very memorable evening and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Thanks to everyone for making this event a success.

Check out the photos of our 40th on the Photo Gallery page. 


Discussions have already started with regards to possibly having a 45th reunion. It has been proposed that we have a picnic or barbeque with a less formal setting. More to come. If you think this might be something the class might enjoy and attend, please give us your feedback. Thank you all.

Here are your reunion committee members and their email addresses.

Gera Banks Winchester; [email protected]

Robin McGlew McBride; [email protected]

Trudy Hert McClure; [email protected]

Donna Young Townsend; [email protected]

Jan Benoit Womble; [email protected]

Paula Furgerson; [email protected]

Larry Armour; [email protected]

Jerrell Womble; [email protected]


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